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Gentles, Ricardo
Fairton, NJ | 31 | Straight
N/A | N/A

Thank you for taking the time out to check me out. My friends call me Rick.

I’m humble, funny, ambitious, caring and high spirited. I’m into business, B&D and life in general ‘cause I’m always willing to learn new things but while I’m in here I use this time to work out, read and study towards my own goals and plans.

I’m looking for someone to vibe with maybe you had a bad day or need to vent, we all do. It’s a learning process and I fell and am using this experience to not only get back up but to better myself. You may be going through your own situation and it’s okay. Just don’t let it get the best of you, you’ve been through some harsh times and you overcame it, gotten back up. You’re beautiful, strong, and resilient and you can do anything you put your mind to. It just takes that one person or thing to remind you just how much more you are. We don’t let ourselves see that without thinking there’s something wrong with you and the truth is you’re perfect, you’re human and we all make mistakes. Knowing this is what keeps me open minded and non-judgmental, allowing me not to be scared of being myself but also loving and respecting people for who they are.

So hit me up!

New photo posted on 11/20/2014New profile posted on 11/20/2104Willing to write overseas penpalsInmate is looking for work upon release

Whittaker, Brett
LaGrange, KY | 31 | Straight
Caucasian | Christian

Hello My Future Friends!!!

My name is Brett and I’m 30 years old. I’m mature and very passionate whenever it comes to friendships and relationships. I consider myself as a very open-minded person who loves life. I love to laugh, smile, and make you laugh, so I’m never short of humor!!! I enjoy working out, playing sports, and working with dogs. I’m looking for friendship and it could be with you!!!

Waiting for you,

New profile posted on 8/15/2015Willing to write overseas penpals

Marks, Michael
Ontario, OR | 34 | Straight
Caucasian | Christian

SWM-NOT SEEKING MONEY- or pity, due to my present incarceration status... But rather, open minded understanding!

I'd love to cross paths with someone I can pop it with... Who's not afraid to open themselves up to the possibility of finding a true friend- who really cares!

Here's a brief list o my interests/passions-That we might have in common!

I enjoy creative writing/dabbling in poetry...

I love to work out/ I plan to become certified as a personal trainer...

I'm a talented artist/tattooist/and love to cooks as well!

I long to travel the states/then the world!

I'm a great listener/and love to uplift people with the life knowledge I've attained throughout my trials and tribulations...

New photo posted on 11/22/2014New profile posted on 12/1/2014Willing to write overseas penpals

Grosso, Christopher
Golden, CO | 52 | Straight
Caucasian | Catholic

Hi, my name is Christopher. I am an educated man with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. I grew up in Golden, Colorado and run a construction company. I am in great physical condition and a hard-working man. I have goals that I've set and intend to achieve them upon my release.

I like rock music, good food and having fun. I'm a basic jeans and t-shirt guy, but can look the part when dressed up.

If you are interested or have any questions you'd like to ask, please feel free to write. I am open to your questions and look forward to hearing from some interesting individuals.



New profile posted on 11/23/2014Willing to write overseas penpals

Crabtree, Dylan
Welch, WV | 22 | Straight
Caucasian | Christian

One thing I've learned over these years being incarcerated is to not take for granted the little things in life.  Such as a "good morning" or a "good night", or even being outside after dark.  Things like that take on new meaning.  "You don't know what you have, until it’s gone."

I'm a good shoulder to lean on. A good listener when needed.  Dependable, loyal, good friend and need the same.  Old-fashioned when it comes to morals, values, and relationships.  Family oriented, free to speak my mind, in tune with feelings and emotions.  Looking forward to making new friends and opening new doors.  I enjoy a broad variety of movies and music.

I was raised in a country/suburb area near the beach, love the beach, and the ocean strip.  I enjoy all sports, as well as MMA and UFC.  I'm aspiring to become a personal trainer with hopes of opening a gym one day.

New photo posted on 11/23/2014Profile changed on 11/23/2014

Jenkins, Theodore
Attica, NY | 48 | Straight
Hispanic | Buddhist

I am a confident respectful man, who just made mistakes in life and have learned and grown from them. I am a laid back person with a sense of humor. I am alone and in need of friendship with a woman 35+ years old, or a friendship from anyone who doesn't judge just because I'm in prison or convicted. Prison life has shown me how to become a better person but I also suffer in silence because I love to write but have no one to write with, only my step-mother, who is the only person that makes me laugh when I'm hurting from loneliness.

I enjoy cooking, writing, and reading about anything from poetry, business, fiction, romancers, history, spies/thrillers. Basically, I love to read and write. What I like to write is a story, and what I' have been through in life, working on my life story, to help men or women not go through the same as me.

I hope to have a conversation with someone in which we can build a bridge of communication that leads to some form of friendship.

(From Teddy's adopted mom: he is a very loving man, who is warm and expressive, funny, and a great correspondent. He has learned a lot and has matured a lot while incarcerated, and this in spite of meager resources from family, pretty much all of his life. He has much to offer as a friend.)

New profile posted on 11/22/2014

McGregor Jr, John
Burgin, KY | 46 | Straight
Caucasian | N/A


My name is John, I’m looking for a friend with interests like my own.

I love music; I play guitar, trumpet, and piano. I like classic rock – eighty’s rock, some classic country, and a lot of new country.

Hoping to find a friend who enjoys fishing, camping, riding motorcycles, four-wheelers, boating, and who can put up with me singing and playing guitar.

I love karaoke too!

I drive a semi as a career and have also driven concrete and dump trucks, done some construction, but I love to drive.

I’m looking for a friend who could occasionally send me music and lyrics off the Internet.

I’m dying to get some new Blake Shelton, Brantly Gilbert, and Eric Church songs.

Would love to meet someone likeminded, forty to sixty years young, that don’t mind a man with a little extra meat on his bones, I’m 5’10” and weigh 260 pounds.

I’m definitely not opposed to the same in a lady friend.

I have one son he is 21, no grand kids, but hopefully soon.

I’m looking for a fresh start when I come home, not sure where I want to make my home, I’m not going back to Princeton, KY though…but with a “CDL” license, I can live anywhere and secure a good truck driving job to support myself and loved ones.

Please overlook my candid attitude, but I feel being candid ad honest is the best. Thanks for listening, hope to hear from you soon.



New profile posted on 11/22/2014

Preston, Christopher
Sterling, CO | 38 | Straight
Caucasian | N/A


My name is Chris. Thank you for taking the time to stop and read my profile. First off I would like to start by telling you what I am looking for. I am looking for someone to laugh, joke, and enjoy each other’s company without a bunch of lies and drama.

I spend my time training dogs for basic obedience and adoption. My dogs probably don’t realize they help me more than I can ever help them.

I am a real easy going, energetic, and well rounded guy that is looking forward to meeting that one special person that I can put a smile on their face as well as my own.

Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.


New profile posted on 11/22/2014Willing to write overseas penpals

Lancaster, Terry
Coleman, FL | 43 | Straight
African American | N/A

I’m loyal, open-minded, responsible, ambitious, business-minded, gentleman with sense of humor but mature. Non-smoker, non-drug user, social drinker, non-religious, no tattoos. I am a man that has no friends or family, a man that has made mistakes in life and took a fall, thinking I didn’t need anyone at all, thinking that I was living life to the fullest, thinking I would never fall, but now I look around and see I have lost it all, now I see I was not living at all, now I come to ONE and all to help a falling man stand tall.

I’m interested in a female that is similar to myself with plus’, any race of legal age. I’m seeking someone to donate their time, compassion, and educational donations for books/magazines; I’ll send you an order form to put in the envelope to send to the publisher with my return address. If you choose to make a cash donation to me please send only money order(s) payable to: Terry C. Lancaster #39655-018, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Post Office Box 474701, Des Moines, Iowa 50947-0001.

New profile posted on 11/22/2014Willing to write overseas penpals

Sager, Peter
Lompoc, CA | 39 | Straight
Caucasian | Non-denominational

After 15 years served I’m finally under a decade to go and am looking to prepare myself for the real world. I’m not the “typical” inmate, contact me and find out why. I don’t play games and I love pictures from the free world. Hit me up and lets see where it leads.

Correspondence from Europe, Asia, and S. America is especially welcome.

New profile posted on 11/22/2014Willing to write overseas penpals

Shaw, Susie
Las Vegas, NV | 51 | Straight
Caucasian | Christian

If my photo caught your eye than once you get to know me you’ll see my beauty is not just skin deep. I am a strong, adventurous, funny, and compassionate woman. I’m very open minded and never afraid to try new things. That’s exactly why I decided to try this pen-pal site. I’ve been living a life that I’m not so proud of and now my past is exactly that… MY PAST! I want to start a new chapter in life and come out of this a better woman.

I’m looking for a man who can make me smile and laugh and who will care for me as much as I’ll care for him. If you have what it takes to capture my heart I am definitely willing to relocate. So, please only serious replies and all I ask from you is to be honest, sincere, and direct. I am a woman not a young little girl so tell me what you want, like and desire.

There’s no way I could ever write out all the things I love to taste, touch, and see so if you want to get to know who I really am than write me. My sentence is not long; don’t lose your chance to have me in your life. Anything can happen as long as you go after what you want…

New profile posted on 11/22/2014Willing to write overseas penpals

Key, Carmen
Chowchilla, CA | 38 | Straight
Other | N/A

Hi my name is Carmen, I’m fun, family oriented, a good listener, and easy to be around. I like music, movies, reading, or just kicking back and watching a good football game. I’m looking for a friend and listener to help me get through this time. I’m looking for someone that won’t mind being my friend and won’t judge.

I’m looking for someone who wants to help point me in the right directions and help me with the goals I want to achieve.

I’m waiting for you at mail call, can’t wait.


New profile posted on 11/22/2014Willing to write overseas penpalsInmate is looking for work upon release

Tanguilea, JeanMarie
Chowchilla, CA | 26 | Straight
Other | Christian

Hello, my name is JeanMarie.

I'm a good person with a good heart. I am seeking friends in hopes of positive feedback. I've made mistakes in my life and got caught up around the wrong people. I accept responsibility. I've learned from my mistakes.

I am very outgoing. I'm very active and I like to work out. I love to laugh and make everyone around me happy. I'm also very down to Earth.
So I hope to meet someone positive with a good attitude towards life. 

I'm 26, I'm a Sagittarius. I'm other because I'm Mexican, Filipino and Irish.

I also love music and am very open minded. 

God Bless.

New profile posted on 11/22/2014Willing to write overseas penpalsLegal profileBirthday coming up on 12/12

Trigg, Melissa
Greenville, IL | 40 | Straight
Caucasian | Catholic

I love to have fun and not take myself too seriously. I am outgoing and adventurous. I love to go boating and be outdoors.

I do not let my mistakes define who I am now, but I am very grateful of coming to prison and getting a second chance at life. 

I am a work in progress and I strive every day to become a better person. 

I spend my time in here helping others achieve their fitness goals. I am a personal trainer and a fitness class instructor. I have created several programs designed to help ladies lose weight and motivate them to come out of their comfort zone, to be the best they can be.

I am seeking to converse with someone who shares similar interests. 

I will be waiting to hear from you.

New photo posted on 11/22/2014New profile posted on 11/22/2014Willing to write overseas penpals

Glidden, Megann
Fort Worth, TX | 28 | Straight
Caucasian | Christian

Hey what's up?

I'm 27, from New Hampshire, looking for someone to spend my time with to make it a little easier for me.

While I'm here, I have less than a year until I go home.

I'm a very loving, caring, honest, loyal girl who loves to have fun. I'm looking for a white male, financially stable, who has a good head on his shoulders, who is honest, loyal and caring just like me. Someone who has goals and knows what they want in life!

Hope to see you at mail call! (smile)

New photo posted on 11/22/2014Profile changed on 11/22/2014

Fisher, Aimee
Gateville, TX | 43 | Straight
Caucasian | Christian

Please stand by.  My profile isn’t posted yet so has put this one up for the time being. My profile will be along shortly, but you don’t need to wait for it.  Please—write me today!

Thanks, and please check back soon for my real profile.

New profile posted on 11/21/2014Birthday coming up on 12/8

Vice, Tammy
Marianna, FL | 42 | Straight
Caucasian | Non-denominational

41 year old SF seeking friends to correspond with. I am an open minded lady who would consider herself liberal but can still appreciate old fashioned values. I have no children but do have two nieces that I adore. I am family oriented. I enjoy family and friend gatherings such as cook outs, picnics, holiday functions, etc. I love to cook and even enjoy housekeeping.

I am a very understanding and patient person. I am also a good listener who genuinely cares about others. A few of my hobbies include cross stitch, reading, card making or just about any craft. I am a very creative person. I love music of all kinds as well as poetry.

During my incarceration I have completed several self-help and educational classes. I have really tried to turn my incarceration into a positive learning experience and let it help me to be a better person upon my release. I would like to continue my education and maybe one day work with women and children who have suffered domestic abuse.

I hope that you are as honest and sincere as I am and that we can get to know one another. Please include your return address on the outside of the envelope to insure I receive it.

Race and age is unimportant.

Profile changed on 11/21/2014Willing to write overseas penpals

Primack, Esther
Alto, GA | 25 | Straight
Caucasian | Jewish


My name is Esther! I'm 25 years young, 4'6" tall and I'm seeking friends. In the past, my life has been a roller coaster. I've made many bad decisions. Yet, out of all of them, this is the worst one. 

Currently, I'm in Lee Arrendale State Prison with a charge of child cruelty. It has taught me a lot of valuable lessons though. I'm now, finally, in a genuine mind state of knowing what I want out of life and striving for it. My mind is more clear than it has been in 10 years. My entire outlook on life has changed as well as my priorities. I am just so moved because this has opened my eyes and has freed me from my entrapment. 

Though I'm not perfect and still have a long way to go, I realize where I went wrong and what it is that I need to do in order to correct it. 
While incarcerated, I've accomplished my GED and am now pursuing an electrical trade. 

I'm also a member of the voices of hope choir, because I love to sing! 

I'm open minded and non-judgmental. You can tell me anything and I'll be an ear to listen. I can also give advice when needed or wanted. 

This is just a little bit about myself, but there is way more to know! I cannot wait to start our new friendship! 

Talk to you soon and thanks for listening! 


New profile posted on 11/20/2014Willing to write overseas penpals

Torres, Natalie
Wilsonville, OR | 33 | Straight
Hispanic | Christian


This is Natalie. I'm an energetic, fun, smart woman originally from California. 

I have about 3 years left and I am looking for positive, down to Earth, good natured people like myself to write me. Yes, I'm seeking a friend who understands that mistakes don't make a person. 

I have a playful and open minded personality, but I know there is a time and place for everything. I enjoy camping, swimming, traveling, live music, hanging out, with family and friends and making people laugh. I love receiving gifts and I'm a great listener who gives back. 

I have NO pen pals as of yet and I'm very interested in seeing a friendship grow.

New profile posted on 11/20/2014

Jeffries, Tamathia
PeWee Valley, KY | 48 | Straight
Caucasian | N/A


My name is Tamathia Jeffries. I am a 48-year-old lady with long black hair and captivating green eyes. I am 5'2" and weigh 140 pounds.

I am seeking "companionship". Someone who is kind, caring, and is willing to accept me for the person I am today in spite of my past. I am also looking for someone I can connect with both physically and emotionally. Someone who wants to laugh and enjoy life daily.

I'm a very outgoing woman who is very athletic and enjoys keeping myself in shape. I have high ambitions and goals that I intend to reach in life. I have a positive attitude and I look forward to having an honest, trusting, long-lasting companionship, with an open mind to whatever else may develop.

If you would like to correspond, please write.

New profile posted on 11/20/2014Legal profile

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